Thursday, July 24, 2014

*OFFICIAL BLOG* Life Bits and Other Chunks: Memoirs of an untrained man

If you don't already know, is a source for Indies to publish their own work. There are features that offers that I haven't seen anywhere else. One of these features is immediate availability of free updates to your eBooks. This means that if you have published your work, but you have updates or changes, you don't have to create a second edition. You simply upload a new version, and the buyers are contacted. Unlike other outlets, the updated version is free.
I decided to create a unique book that worked within the parameters of terms of use. I had to make sure that it was a complete work. doesn't allow serials or incomplete works, as I found out with my Rays Rules series. Next, I had to be careful about too much revising. If I created a new or completely different work, I wouldn't be able to update the copy.
Life Bits and Other Chunks: Memoirs of an untrained man is a specially crafted book designed to allow for expansion through minor changes over the span of the book's lifetime. None of the changes will be significant enough to warrant a new edition, and since there is no true beginning or end to a collection of works, it will always be complete. As far as pricing goes, I plan on starting the book at three dollars, and graduating the price over time. Those who buy it now will pay less than those who buy it later, and you will still enjoy the updated versions for free.

Following are the current writings in
Life Bits and Other Chunks: Memoirs of an untrained man:

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