Monday, June 2, 2014

My Vote - A Man Unhinged

"My Vote - A Man Unhinged" is an excerpt from the eBook 
Life Bits and Other Chunks: Memoirs of an untrained man by Stephen L. Wilson.
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NOTE: My political views, interests, behaviors and ideologies have changed since the original writing of this narrative musing.

When I cast my vote for president in the latest elections (2004), I voted for Ralph Nader. In the end, Al Gore won the state anyway, so my vote didn’t carry much weight this time. At any rate, my vote for Nader wasn’t cast because he was a ‘green’ candidate. Nor did I vote for him because I necessarily thought he would win. In addition, I didn’t vote for him because I agreed with his platform. I voted for him because he had a woman running mate.
Allow me to explain. For years I have been iterating to my oldest daughter that she can be anything she wants, from rocket scientist to zookeeper to astronaut to president. I considered this a great opportunity to back my words by voting for the only female on the ticket. But is it justification for my vote? The rest of my message is for the fifty percent of Americans who were registered to vote, but didn’t, in the last elections.
This example is perhaps the most rational of many reasons why my vote was cast to specific candidates. The other reasons included voting for a candidate who liked to ice fish. Another one I voted for, I did so because he stood with a nice posture. Yet another of the candidates I voted for had a unibrow. Nothing more; no charisma, no political background, no popularity. Just a unibrow.
I am telling you this in case you have any wonder as to why sometimes clowns are elected. It is because people like you allow people like me to cast my vote in this manner. If only two of you who didn’t vote last year decide to vote this year, then my vote is already outnumbered. If this happens, I consider this message a success. To the fifty percent who did vote: Please excuse my behavior concerning my vote. I realize it is a privilege to vote, and that some people may take offense to my actions. I can only say that if my vote can be utilized to inspire others to vote, then I will gladly use it in that fashion. Thank you, and God Bless America.

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